Remote for Net Digital

Code set for NetDigital Remote


NEC Code Set

The command sent to the IrTek is of the form: tffff164CCCCCCCC0
Where CCCCCCCC is one of the hex codes below.
For example, to send a Channel Up: tffff164875e10ef0

Parameter Value Notes
irTekRemoteName NetDigital_1 NetDigital 's Remote
irTekVersion 1.18 or higher
irTekProtocol 16 NEC
irTekDataSize 4
Button Code Notes
pwr 875e12ed
digit0 875e00ff
digit1 875e01fe
digit2 875e02fd
digit3 875e03fc
digit4 875e04fb
digit5 875e05fa
digit6 875e06f9
digit7 875e07f8
digit8 875e08f7
digit9 875e09f6
volumeup 875e0df2
volumedown 875e0ef1
channelup 875e10ef
channeldown 875e1ae5
arrowup 875e0bf4
arrowdown 875e0cf3
arrowleft 875e1be4
arrowright 875e1ce3
ok 875e15ea
guia 875e14eb Net Tv
red 875e16e9 iTV
green 875e17e8 Audio
orange 875e18e7 Legenda
purple 875e19e6 eMail
stop 875e32cd
mute 875e1fe0
record 875e33cc
rewind 875e34cb
pausePlay 875e36c9
fastForward 875e35ca
replay 875e37c8
agora 875e1ee1
musica 875e20df
grav 875e38c7
ppv 875e28d7
portal 875e24db
mosaico 875e21de
info 875e13ec
net na no function
menu 875e23dc
ajuda 875e0ff0
fav 875e1de2

RC5 Code Set

NetDigital also supports a RC5 code set
The command sent to the IrTek is of the form: tffff0a2CCCC0
Where CCCC is one of the hex codes below.
For example, to send a Channel Up: tffff0a20a200

Note the RC5 spec. states that the "Command" field is 6 bits, but this set is using the LSB of the "System" field as the 7'TH (MSB) command bit.
Here is how these RC5 codes (RR) map to the IrTek codes (CCCC):

  • If the code is 0x3f or less, just insert code:: 0aRR
  • If the code is 0x40 or more, just insert code:0bRR

Zero (0x00) means the button is not on the RC5 remote.

Parameter Value Notes
irTekRemoteName NetDigital_2 NetDigitals Remote
irTekVersion 1.18 or higher
irTekProtocol 0a RC5
irTekDataSize 2
Button IrTek Code RC5 Code
POWER 0a0c 0c
1 0a01 01
2 0a02 02
3 0a03 03
4 0a04 04
5 0a05 05
6 0a06 06
7 0a07 07
8 0a08 08
9 0a09 09
0 0a00 00
TV 0b53 53
BACK 0a22 22
GUIDE 0b41 41
BROWSE 0b4f 4f
MUTE 0a0d 0d
HELP 0a2f 2f
RED 0b6b 6b
GREEN 0b6c 6c
YELLOW 0b6d 6d
BLUE 0b6e 6e
PAGEUP 0a0a 0a
PAGEDOWN 0a0b 0b
VOLUP 0a10 10
VOLDOWN 0a11 11
OK 0b57 57
UP 0b50 50
DOWN 0b51 51
LEFT 0b55 55
RIGHT 0b56 56
SETTINGS 0b61 61
CUTE 0a1c 1c
DVR_PLAY 0a30 30
DVR_PAUSE 0a30 30
DVR_REWIND 0a32 32
DVR_FWD 0a34 34
DVR_STOP 0a36 36
DVR_REC 0a37 37
MENU 0b6a 6a
QUITER 0b54 54
RADIO 0b45 45
VOD 0b71 71
AGORA* 0a2a 2a
MOSAICO 0b60 60
REPLAY 0a00 00
GRAV 0a00 00
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