Remote for OCN

OCN Dvt-Rc-H Code Set

The command sent to the IrTek is of the form: tffff0a2CCCC0
Where CCCC is one of the hex codes below.
For example, to send a Channel Up: tffff0a2059a0

Parameter Value Notes
irTekRemoteName OCN DVT-RC-H OCN Remote
irTekVersion 1.18 or higher
irTekProtocol 0a RC5
irTekDataSize 2
Button IrTek Code Notes
Power 0590 Red
Mute 0591
AV_TV 1001 In TV box
VolUp 0597
VolDown 0596
ChannelDown 0599 Blue
ChannelUp 059a Blue
Exit 0594
Back 0595
PageUp 05a8
PageDown 05a9
Guide 05a2
VOD 0584
UpArrow 05a3
DownArrow 05a4
LeftArrow 05a5
RightArrow 05a6
Ok 05a7
TimeShift 0581
Info 05a0
Rewind 05ac Red
PlayPause 05ad Green
Stop 05ae Yellow
Forward 05af Blue
Recall 05ab
Serviice 05a1
Favorite 0582
FastRecord 0583
1 05b1
2 05b2
3 05b3
Setup 0598
4 05b4
5 05b5
6 05b6
Search 0592
7 05b7
8 05b8
9 05b9
Help 05aa
Star 0589
0 05b0
Pound 058a
AudioEffects 059c
TV 0585 Blue
Music 0586 Blue
StdDef 0587 Blue
HighDef 0588 Blue
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