Remote Dta Xmp

The Digital TV Adapter (DTA) IR Remote Control for the most North American markets.

irtrek_file_start us_canada/codes/dta_xmp.txt
irtrek_code_part_number none
irtrek_code_part_name   none
irtrek_code_remote_name dta_xmp
irtrek_code_tek_version 1.18
irtrek_code_protocol_code 14
irtrek_code_protocol_name XMP
irtrek_code_data_size 8
irtrek_code_example_1 chUp:tffff148170f443e12000d000
01 170f443e10000f00 power
01 170f443e17002600 info  
02 170f443e1e000100 key1  
02 170f443e1d000200 key2  
02 170f443e1c000300 key3  
03 170f443e1b000400 key4  
03 170f443e1a000500 key5  
03 170f443e19000600 key6  
04 170f443e18000700 key7  
04 170f443e17000800 key8  
04 170f443e16000900 key9  
05 170f443e18002500 select   (enter)
05 170f443e1f000000 key0  
05 170f443e19005100 last  
06 170f443e15000a00 volumeUp  
06 170f443e13000c00 mute_dta  
06 170f443e12000d00 channelUp  
07 170f443e14000b00 volumeDown  
07 170f443e15008200 lang
07 170f443e11000e00 channelDown  

irtrek_file_download us_canada/pics/dta_xmp_300.jpg
irtrek_code_pic_300  us_canada/pics/dta_xmp_300.jpg
irtrek_file_download us_canada/pics/dta_xmp_550.jpg
irtrek_code_pic_550  us_canada/pics/dta_xmp_550.jpg
irtrek_file_download us_canada/pics/
irtrek_code_map_550  us_canada/pics/

Differences between the DTA XMP remote and the Comcast XMP remote

  • The two share the same XMP codes except for the following:
    • The "lang" code is only on the DTA remote
    • The mute code on the DTA is different than the Comcast XMP remote and called "mute_dta"
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