Getting Started with IrTrek

General Layout

  • The IrTek window has 4 buttons on the left side that re-define the other buttons and list boxes.
  • We will refer to these four buttons as:
    1. Script-Sequencer
    2. Configuration
    3. Remote-Control
    4. IrTek
  • The first thing we want to do is establish communcation with the IrTek device.
  • Click the IrTek button.

IrTek Layout

  • First use the four circled buttons to setup the form of communication the IrTek is connected by.
  • Click the Connect, if you see the the <irtekN ver.1.XX> in the text box, you good IrTek communication.
  • This text box is blue if a valid socket or serial connection is open, red otherwise.
  • With good IrTek communication, click the Remote-Control button.

Remote Control Layout

  • Select the remote you need on the right list
  • Click Set Active Remote
  • You should now be able to use the interactive button on the right to control the settop.
  • Now click the Configuration button.

Configuration Layout

  • Click the Set Script Directoy and set it to the test_scripts location
  • Select a script on the left list an click Set Active Script
  • Click the Set Macro Directoy and set it to the test_macros location
  • Select a macro on the right list an click Set Active Macro
  • Click the Set Editor and set it to your editor executable.
    • Windows note: notepad.exe is so brain dead that it will not even convert linux text file newlines into actual lines.
    • We recomend the free PS Pad for Windows.
  • Now click the Script-Sequencer button.

Script Sequencer

  • Click Begin Script or Turn Sequencer On to start the script.

Test Script

Script Commands

  • DELAY <time_in_seconds>


  • The Sequencer will first try to find a Macro command in the Macro file.
  • The flow then moves to the Macro file, runs the Macro, then back to the main Script file.
  • Format for the Macros:
    • MACRO <name of macro>
    • <body of macro>


  • Ir command scripts generally have different names for the codes.
  • For example, 7 instead of key7.
  • We support this on the IrTrek IR Command Alias page

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