IrTrek Installation

Install on Windows XP

  • Go to the Active Python Download Page.
    • Click the 2.6.x.x Active Python Windows x86 link and download.
    • Install with all default options.
  • Go to the SourceForge wxPython Download Page
    • Click View Files
    • Download the win32 - Unicode - py26 version, like wxPython2.8-win32-unicode-
    • Install with all default options.
  • Go to the SourceForge pySerial Download Page
    • Click the pyserial-2.5-rc2.win32.ex link and download.
    • Install with all default options.
  • Make the directories: C:\Ab_code_win\py\src
  • Unzip and place the pytronix directory here: C:\Ab_code_win\py\src\pytronix
  • Then in File Explorer, go to C:\Ab_code_win\py\src\pytronix\app_irtrek
    • Select, right click and select Create Shortcut.
    • Drag the shortcut to your desktop window.

Upgrading to a newer IrTrek package.

  • Get and unzip the new IrTrek package.
  • Rename the old pytronix directory to something else.
  • Copy the new pytronix directory to where the old one was.
  • Copy your scripts and macros to the new pytronix/app_irtrek sub directories.
  • Delete old directory after the new one is verified working.

Install on Fedora 11 or 12

  • Python 2.6 should already be installed.
  • Install wxPython: # yum install wxPython
  • Install pySerial: # yum install pyserial
  • Place the pytronix directory somewhere like: ~/my_python_apps/pytronix
  • Create a launcher icon with command: python ~/my_python_apps/pytronix/app_irtrek/

Notes on moving IrTrek to other locations

  • The download IrTrek packages already have the "*.pyc" files deleted.
  • But, if you want to move an installed IrTrek package,
    • be sure to delete all the pre-compiled Python files at the new location,
    • that way, they will recompile automatically the first time IrTrek is run at this location.
  • To delete all the "*.pyc" files:
    • CD to the directory above the pytronix one.
    • In Linux:
      • find pytronix -name '*.pyc' -exec rm '{}' +
    • In Windows:
      • del /S /Q *.pyc
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