Irtek7 Info



  • One standard DB9 serial controlled IR channel.
  • Built-in IR LED disconnects automatically when IR cable is plugged in
  • High power mode using the power from a power supply / adapter
  • Low power mode using the power from the serial port
  • Same support of IR protocols as the other IrTeks
  • Has an IR Receiver and two color LED Status

High / Low Power Mode

  • Mode controlled by a tiny slide switch near the Power Jack.
  • High Power Mode when switch is in position nearest Power Jack.
  • Low Power Mode when switch is in position away from Power Jack.
  • In High Power Mode, a power supply (7-15 Volt) MUST be connected for IR output.
  • In Low Power Mode, the IrTek7 may be able to power itself from the Serial Port.
    • However, some USB Serial Ports have very low power available for the IrTek7 to operate on.
    • This may result in the IrTek7 with weak Green and Red LEDs or no function at all.
    • Built-In or PCI Card Serial Ports generally have enough power for an IrTek7 in Low Power Mode.
  • If the IrTek7 works reliably in Low Power Mode, then there is no degrade of timing performance.


  • 115200 Baud, 8 data bit, 1 or 2 stop bits, No hardware handshake, No XonXoff.

LED Status

  • Green light indicates Operational status
  • Green light flickers when there is Serial Communication
  • Green off during IR Transmission.
  • Red turns on during IR Transmission.

Red LED during IR Transmission

  • All IrTeks models except the IrTek7 use a Red LED electrically in series with the IR LED. This gives a "flicker" like activation which is the actual IR modulated signal. The IrTek7 activates the Red LED in firmware during the entire IR Transmission process and gives a "long pulse" like activation to the Red LED.
  • If using a camera to record the Red LED with Video for Channel Change measurements, it might be better to not use an IrTek7 so that the “raw” signal may be recorded.


Sending to multiple settops

  • The High Power Mode has been tested and found to easily drive 30 or more IR cables.
    • Each IR Cable is the Cisco part, P/N 735994
    • Each settop needs a 6" splitter
    • Each rack row can use a 6' splitter
  • Jan. 3 2010 - Mark now has some splitter cables

Ethernet IP Control

The IrTek7 can be control with Ethernet using off-the-shelf Ethernet to Serial products like these:

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