IrTek6 Info

IrTek6 New Features:

  • WizNet WIZ105SR IP to Serial module with nice setup software and many IP options
  • 4 green status and diagnostic LEDs for power, socket connection, serial data, and command verification.
  • 16 red output LEDs in series with the 16 IR outputs for cabling diagnostics

Same features as the IrTek5

  • IP controlled 16 maskable IR outputs
  • Bootloader for easy field upgrading
  • Most IR protocols for Cisco settops supported

New LED Diagnostic Features

  • 4 Green Status LED Array, listed here top to bottom
    • Green LED 1 - (Top LED) On during a valid transmit command IR transmit sequence.
    • Green LED 2 - Blinks when there is telnet activity
    • Green LED 3 - On when a telnet session is open.
    • Green LED 4 - (Bottom LED) On when power is on
  • The 16 Red LEDs are electrically in series with the 16 IR cables / stereo jacks
    • The RED LEDs shown that actual electrical current is flowing through the IR LEDs

Some Fail To Transmit Diagnostic Cases

  • Green LED 1 blinks, but no Red LEDs flickering
    • This is a case of a non-compatible, broken, loose, or unconnected IR Cable
  • Green LED 3 off
    • Telnet session has dropped.
  • Green LED 3 on, but no Green LED 2 blinking
    • Telnet open but nothing is being sent to IrTek
  • Green LED 3 On, Green LED 2 blinks, but no Green LED 1 blinking
    • The IrTek is not receiving a valid transmit command
    • The IrTek will not acknowledge with a <s0>
  • Red LEDs flickering
    • Incorrect IR command or IR protocol

Testing the IrTek

  • Open a telnet session:
    • telnet <IP_of_IrTek6>  4001
  • Type the show version command ā€œvā€. The IrTek responds with its version:
    • v
    • IrTek replies with <IrTek6 1.27>
  • Before starting any other script or C program to telnet to IrTek.
    • Be sure to quit the telnet command window and wait two minutes for session to drop
    • Or power cycle the IrTek6.
  • You may want to read about IrTek Commands

IrTek6 IP Configuration Tool:

  • The WizNet Tool makes changing the IP a breeze.
  • Get the tool here
  • Unzip on Windows PC and run WIZ1x0_105SR_install.exe
  • Launch the WIZ1x0SR_105SR_CFG.exe icon
  • Click at the bottom Search to find the IrTek6
  • IrTek6 units are shipped with IP =, Port = 4001
  • Make sure the following settings are set:
    • IP Configuration Method: Static
    • Local IP <Your_IP> Port <Your_Port>
    • Subnet
    • Gateway <Anything>
    • Server IP <Your_IP> Port <Your_Port>
    • Operation Mode: Server
    • Serial Tab, Speed 115200
    • Serial Tab, DataBit 8
    • Serial Tab, Parity None
    • Serial Tab, Stop Bit 1
    • Serial Tab, Flow None
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