IrTek5 Info

IrTek5 features:

  • IP controlled 16 maskable IR outputs.
  • Bootloader for easy field upgrading.
  • All IR protocols for Cisco Settops supported.

Updating the IrTek5 using the IrTek Bootloader

  • All IrTek5 units have the IrTek Bootloader.
  • Get the latest firmware files, IrTek ver. 1.21 Firmware Update Kit.
  • You may want to review the IrTek Release Notes
  • These .srec IrTek S-Record text image files are input to the IrTekUpdater.
  • To update one IrTek5 at on port 4001: -fmain_tek5_v121.srec -t5 -i192.168.10.10

What if the IrTekUpdater can not find the bootloader

If you get the error message, “Can not find bootloader”, here are a few things to try.

IrTek5 flash image is mangled

  • If an IrTek was upgraded with a wrong file, or the flash process failed.
  • Then the IrTek application image may be mangled and not functioning.
  • However, on power up, the CPU stays in the bootloader for a few seconds before jumping to the application.
  • To insure the bootloader is active while upgrading, follow this procedure:
    • Have the line ready to go.
    • Plug in the power plug into the IrTek.
    • Wait 1 second.
    • Type <return> to launch updater.
  • This procedure might need to be tried more than once to work.

The IP to Serial module on the IrTek5 may have gotten out of spec.

  • Follow the procedures in the next section, Setting up the IP, Port, and Baud with Telnet

Setting up the IP, Port, and Baud with Telnet

Provided that you know the current IP, changes can be made with a Telnet session to the Configuration Control Port, 9999. The Ethernet port on the IrTek5 is the same type as a PC Ethernet port. Use a Straight Ethernet cable to connect to a hub or switch or use a Crossover Ethernet cable to connect directly to PC.

  • Open a telnet session to the Configuration Control Port of 9999:
telnet <IP_of_IrTek5>  9999
  • Type <return> key
  • You should see the configuration settings and menu of the XPort.
  • Set the IP:
    • Select Defaults “7”,
    • Select Server “0”,
    • Set each of the four IP dotted numbers.
    • Type <return>s until the main menu is back.
  • Set Baud and Port Number:
    • Select Channel 1 menu: “1”.
    • Set Baudrate to 115200 if it is not that already.
    • Type <return> two times to get to Port No, set it to 4001.
    • Set Port Number to 4001.
    • Type <return>s until the main menu is back.
  • Save, Exit, and Label
    • Type “9” Save and Exit option.
    • Place a label with the new IP on the IrTek5.

Here is what the configuration should show (with your IP instead of

*** basic parameters
Hardware: Ethernet TPI
IP addr, no gateway set 

*** Security
Telnet Setup is      enabled
TFTP Download is     enabled
Port 77FEh is        enabled
ECHO is              disabled
Enhanced Password is disabled
Port 77F0h is        enabled

*** Channel 1
Baudrate 115200, I/F Mode 4C, Flow 00
Port 4001
Connect Mode : C0
Send '+++' in Modem Mode enabled
Show IP addr after 'RING' enabled
Auto increment source port disabled
Remote IP Adr: --- none ---, Port 00000
Disconn Mode : 00
Flush   Mode : 00

*** Expert
TCP Keepalive    : 45s
ARP cache timeout: 600s
Monitor Mode @ bootup : enabled
MTU Size: 1400
Alternate MAC: disabled
Ethernet connection type: auto-negotiate

Setting the IP with XPort Lantronix Device Installer

  • If you know the current IP, you can skip this section and use Telnet in the section above.
  • The IrTek5 has a Lantronix XPort Direct embedded device, Lantronix part: XD1001000-01. This module allows the IrTek5 to communicate in an Ethernet network.
  • You will want to get the latest Lantronix Device Installer.
  • You may need to first install Microsoft .Net Framework from Microsoft (dotnetfx.exe)
  • Install the “Device Installer” (DI_x.x.x.xx_Web.exe).
  • You may create a workbench shortcut icon to the C:\Program Files\Lantronix\DeviceInstaller\DeviceInstaller.exe program.
  • Connect the IrTek5/XPort module directly to your PC using a crossover Ethernet cable on a spare (USB) Ethernet port.
  • The PC Ethernet port may be assigned a static IP like /
  • Start the Lantronix Device Installer, it may ask you which interface to scan, you may later change the interface to be scanned in the Tools/Options window.
  • A “Search” is started automatically; the XPort Direct module should show up.
  • Select the XPort Direct on the right-side window and click “Assign IP”.
  • The first time you try this it may give you a “Communication Error” window, click OK and try again.
  • You should have the “Assignment Method” window; click “Assign a specific IP address” and “Next” to enter the static IP number.
  • You can assign any IP number, even if it is not on the current subnet. (
  • If the IP was not on the current subnet, you will then get an “Address Unreachable” window, click “Yes” to continue.
  • Click the “Assign” button.
  • Reconnect the IrTek5 to the network where the new IP number is accessible.
  • Use a straight Ethernet cable to connect to a hub or switch; the same way a PC is connected.

Testing the IrTek version

  • Open a telnet session:
telnet <IP_of_IrTek5>  4001
  • Type the show version command “v”. The IrTek responds with its version:
 v <IrTek5 1.21>
  • If the IrTek responds with its version, you have established communication with the IrTek5.
  • Be sure to quit the telnet command window and wait two minutes to allow the session to drop before starting any other script driving program like IR Runner.
  • Or just power cycle the IrTek5.
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