Global Cache Hardware

iTach IR Blaster from Global Cache

  • Jeff Winkelman's group have bought over 30 of these units for Cisco G8 settop stability testing
    • Currently used at Atlanta and San Jose.
    • Powered from any Cisco Switch via POE
  • Dean VanDeusen's group used the iTach for Ono in Spain
  • Python solutions available from Mark Adams for iTach support of Cisco settops.

iTach with PoE

Global Cache Compatible IR Emitter Hardware

  • Note that some of the cables included with Global Cache units do not emit correct infrared light to operate Cisco settops.
    • The tips of these unusable cables emit a visible red light.

Single IR Cable


Triple IR Cable

monoprice_648.jpg Part# 648 - 6 foot stereo extension Plug/Jack cable
monoprice_652.jpg Part# 652 - 75 foot stereo extension Plug/Jack cable
monoprice_667.jpg Part# 667 - 6 inch stereo splitter cable
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