eCM Logger

eCM Logger (version 1.01) Features:

  • Generates daily log files with Reboot Detection and MIB Reporting.
  • Detects Reboot two ways, using Ping and using the sysUpTime MIB.
  • Script works on Solaris, Linux, and Windows with Python 2.5, 2.6, 2.7, or Portable Python.
  • Web help at Cisco Internal WikiCentral and Internet IrTek Wik.

CLI Usage

CLI Options:

  • -d <dir> - Override local directory to place logs.
  • -r <seconds> - Override default of 600 seconds for MIB Reporting.
  • -c <community_string> - Override default of "public" for SNMP read community string.

Usage examples:

python -d /home/user1/testdata
python -d /home/user1/testdata -r120
python -r 120 -c private


  • The -d <dir> option allows you to to use a different directory from where the script is launched. That directory is also where the IP and MIB data files are loaded from. So you can have different directories with different sets of IP and MIBs for specific test cases.
  • The logging was designed not to create too large of files. The Reboot Detection runs all the time, but only posts a message once a minute.
  • Reboot Detection is independently run in two ways, both the Ping and sysUpTime Reboot Counters are listed. The sysUpTime Reboot Detection can miss a MAC Reinitialisation since that does not reset the sysUpTime MIB. This can occur if the RF is disconnected for only a few seconds or other disruptions. Actually the two reboot counts combined can give you an indication of the frequency of these types of disruptions.
  • The eCM Report first gets Ping and MIB data and logs the actual command run. This is a debugging feature so you copy that command a run it manually to see if there are problems.
  • The daily logs are opened in Append mode and date stamped Year_Month_Day, you may launch the script many times in a day without losing log data.


Windows, Linux or Solaris


  • Date 4/21/2011, Version 1.00 - first release.
  • Date 4/22/2011, Version 1.01 - minor edit, mib list now clears when no Ping.
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